Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How is different to any other social networking website?
Who owns
How is financed?
How can I contribute to
Can you install more features?
Is there any moderator at
Will I find my soulmate on

Data security

Is my data safe?
Who will see my private data like address and phone number?
Do I really have to fill every profile and field?
Do I have to use my real name?
Do I have to use my real real addresses, phone numbers, email addresses?

Personal safety

How can I be sure to not going into a trap of some sort while swordsurfing?
Who is liable when somebody is hurt in training, on tour or during stay?
Do I have to trust people online?

Hosting and staying

Do I have to host others? Do I have to travel?
What are the host/guest conditions?
What happens if an agreement is canceled?
What can I invite people for?

Technical questions

Can I use on my mobile device?
Why should I switch profiles on and off?
Is there any incognito mode?

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