The team about the project

Marcus: “ is important to me, because I experienced the the joy and fun of being invited and of hosting fellow swordswomen and -men. Every stay was a benefit for me. I learned cool sword techniques, about demanding training methods and made new friends. With I basically can do this more often and comfortable. That’s why I’m working for it.”

Nadine: ”Although I do not sword fight among my hobbies, but I find the subject very exciting that we are trying to promote. Namely the exchange between enthusiastic people! Bring the tradition and the technical and graphic requirements for them under a hat, I see as an interesting challenge. In the work appeals to me also that we capture the aesthetics of historical fencing in HTML and CSS and combine that with a fresh modern component - as well as the historical fencing of today.”

Daniel: “I enjoy meeting people who share the same interest as me. The idea of offers a new opportunity to do so. Especially during the time that is spend together while sharing accommodation offers many opportunities to gain new knowledge and find new friends. I am very happy helping structuring the project from the beginning and to share my expertise as a web developer.”